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Transport, health, safety Department

The department for Transport, Health and Safety (TS2) is a research structure that deals with human beings, with regard to their capacities and interactions with their environment. Most of its research is concerned with transport and/or transport safety and is part of a systems approach that takes account of interaction between the driver, the vehicle and the infrastructure.

Biomechanics, epidemiology, ergonomics and the cognitive sciences: several of the laboratories in this department have names that highlight human aspects, whether pathophysiological, cognitive or behavioural.

The other key words are impact mechanics, accident mechanisms, simulation, transport, work, and the environment: while these keywords do not explicitly refer to the capacities and interactions of humans with their environment, they are nevertheless the main focus. Impact mechanics necessarily involve road user protection, transport necessarily involves mobility and the safety of all road users, simulation necessarily involves behaviours, and work or the environment necessarily involves health at work or environmental health. 

The Department of Transport, Health and Safety brings together 230 members of staff in seven laboratories or teams.